Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have so many posts I want to do, but I'm simply busy as hell.  At the end of this week, things will be better and I can blog merrily until my heart is as content as can be.  By the way, I've been considering getting a Tumblr but I've never had an account there before.  Does anyone have an opinions/recommendations?  It would NOT be a replacement for this blog though, so no worries there. ;)

I'm also considering doing the "30 Days of Kink" project here, but I'm not sure if anyone would actually be interested in reading that junk.  :P  I dunno, I don't have much to say here.  Master and I had a nice little play session last night, though as usual still no marks or welts afterwards.  I NEVER bruise no matter what we do or how hard we try.  I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.  Halp? :/  I never bruise in general, so I know it's not just him or something he's "not doing right".  The only thing I can think of that gave me a bruise within the last 5 years was having an IV jammed into my forearm for about 12 hours while I was having surgery/in the recovery room.  Not even the area where the SURGERY was had bruising... JUST where the needle had been sitting for some hours.  I amaze myself. *sigh*  Any advice?  It's weird, because I'm deathly pale.  Everyone else I know with pale skin (and usually still not as pale as I am) bruises at the drop of the hat.  Me?  You can apparently cut me open and I still won't mark.  Damn.

Again, any tips or techniques that might actually leave a mark on my freakish skin would be appreciated. xD  That's not what this post was meant to be about, but that's what popped out of my brain.  I'll be back to having decent posts next week, I swear.


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