Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year - I'm Not Dead!

You guys didn't tell me that working full time was going to cut into my blogging abilities so much.  Geez... :P

Master moved back in with me at the end of September.  We're now both located in Los Angeles.  We still have no friends because we're anti-social.  For some reason, I can't seem to find any local munches.  I know they're out there - it's LA, there have to be a few others like us somewhere!  We're also just low on time, though.  His work has him on a shitty schedule where we only have 1 day off together (he works Saturdays and has Monday off).  His job is also very far and the commute home is a huge time sink for him.

By the time he's home, I don't want to share him by going out and meeting other people.  Because I am a selfish bitch - what can I say?

I'm sorry for being hidden for so long.  It's just... taken such a long time to get settled, it seems.

I hope every had an awesome Christmas or Hanukkah or Solstice or whatever holiday you may celebrate this time of year.  Here is to an awesome new year in 2013!

I've had some personal drama lately.  A friend got married and that has resulted in some hurt feelings on my end.  Not *because* she got married, it was just the situation brought up a bunch of drama and I wound up on the butt end of it I guess.  Which is too bad - she's my oldest friend and is really more like the sister I never had.  I haven't spoken to her since, but she hasn't reached out to me either.  I can't blame her, though - I don't even think she realizes I'm upset.  But I just don't want to mend it right now, I don't have the energy.

Yet another lack of BDSM in a post *le sigh*.  Anyone catch the premiere of Wives with Beehives last night...?  It reminded me a lot of BDSM-type "lifestyles".  I wonder how the "Vintage lifestyle" would feel about the comparison?  I know a lot of people incorporate both styles into how they live.  The show is kind of typical TLC junk - it's edited to make the women look like bitches when they're probably relatively reasonable.  But it did get me wondering about that sort of lifestyle.  It's very different from my own.  I'll be frank - the 1950s scare the shit out of me.  But there are a lot of similarities there too.  It's interesting to think about.

Anyway, hopefully you'll be seeing more of me in the future!