Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 10 of 30...

Day 10: What are your hard limits?


First of all, YAY.  I'm one third of the way through.  Only 10 days in and this venture is actually quite exhausting.  Still, I'm determined to finish.  That aside, this post is going to be tricky for me and I will have to write it in fragments throughout the day (this is what happens when "busy day" meets "difficult prompt") so forgive me if the thinking is somewhat disjointed... as in, more so than usual. :P

In general, I don't really have limits.  I'll do anything Master wants me to do.  The both of us do have one hard limit though, and this was something we had agreed upon before we even fell into the universe of BDSM and M/s.  Monogamy.  No sharing.  Ever.  In any way, shape, or form.  Master is not interested in sharing and neither am I.  It simply wouldn't work for us.  This is the only thing that comes to mind when I think of a "hard limit" in the traditional sense.

But, in the same sense, we also have some other "hard limits" that most M/s and O/p couples have.  No de-limbing, for example.  Master likes me with all my limbs.  It pleases him that I have all my limbs.  I don't doubt that he would still love me if I lost one or more somehow, but why take them away if he likes them where they are?  Here-in exists the debate that pops up on fetlife every 8 seconds.

Are you still a "no limits" slave if your limits are your Master's limits?  People will frequently assert that the idea is to select a partner (read: D-type) with values that align nicely with theirs.  For instance, if slave A doesn't like the idea of losing her limbs then she should be careful to select a Master/Owner who ALSO doesn't like the idea of his slave losing limbs.  In this way, slave A avoids being subjected to situations she is uncomfortable with or opposed to on the basis that her Master is uncomfortable with/opposed to the same things.

But does that STILL mean you have no limits?  Really, slave A has limits, she's just put herself in a situation where those limits will never be pressed.  So she's free to say "I have no limits, I'll do whatEVER Master wants" knowing that she's being kept safely inside of Master A's box, well inside the realms of her limits.  Other people may claim they'd do whatever their Master told them, even if he one day woke up with a fetish for removing limbs or snuff.  I'm not sure I believe these people.

Personally, there are certain things that I know Master wouldn't ask me to do, but if he woke up a different person and suddenly wanted them, I'd still say no.  I don't have kids, but if I ever did have them injuring them or otherwise harming them would be out of the question 100%.  I wouldn't remove my own limbs.  You get the idea.  Maybe that means I'm not "twue" enough for some people.  Maybe I'm not hardcore enough for others. But, I please my Master and he calls me his slave so that is what I am.  Period.  He wouldn't like me very much if I were the kind of girl who would remove my limbs if he asked me to for no good reason.

So those are my some of my proverbial "hard limits", but as far as anything realistic between the two of us goes?  I'll do whatever he wants.  I'm not sure where I sit in terms of the limits argument.  Is it possible  to really have no limits?  I don't really know. :P Something to think about, I suppose.


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