Thursday, March 31, 2011

Orgasm Training

So I have no concept of how orgasms work for other women.  I figured out how to squirt (where squirting is also known as "female ejaculation" or perhaps a "g-spot orgasm") through masturbating when I was rather young.  When I was with Master, it took a bit of time to get over the nervousness, etc. but it did happen.  However, there was a key difference between the two: when trying to achieve this goal on my own, I always did it while on my back.  With Master, I can only get a g-spot orgasm if he is taking me from behind.

I'm not sure why.  I imagine it has something to do with the angle of his cock.  I know that doggie-style is a common position to start in when partners are trying to "get there".  Again, probably the angles.  Earlier in the week, I mentioned to Master that it would be neat to learn how to squirt in different positions, but that I thought our bodies just didn't line up that way.

Apparently, I was wrong.

This motivated him into some kind of fuck-fest.  I suppose it was partly my doing (who? Me? <_<).  I woke him up very early.  I had had a rather erotic dream about him and so I did what any normal slave would do.  I rolled over and started playing with his cock until it was hard... and then I woke him up.  What?  That's not fanning flames or anything.  That wasn't asking for death by penetration.... right?  Well, apparently it was.

It started out like most early morning, half asleep sex.  For us, it's always overly rough and raunchy.. which I like.  I think Master gets that way because he's still half asleep and "can't feel his body", or so he claims.  But when I asked if he wanted to change positions.. (I had been on my back) he wouldn't let me.  He kept forcing me to cum.  Then he'd pause and pinch and twist my nipples.  Hard... which I like, and it shows.  This seemed to amuse him, and he would occasionally laugh cruelly at me and ask "you like that, you little slut?".  He knew I did.  He knew I would say yes.  He just wanted to force me to admit to it, knowing that I have no other alternative when it comes to Him.

After about five or six orgasms, I couldn't help but wonder what was going on.  What was his plan here, anyway?  Eventually, he leaned over me and whispered: "You're either going to squirt or die, slut" as he laughed softly into my ear.  ... >_> Squirt or die?  Of repeated orgasms, I assumed.  I sort of resigned myself to dying once I heard that, although it did explain his determination to keep fucking me even after I had cum so many times.  Not that he doesn't occasionally put me through orgasm torture with his cock, but even so.  This was different.

Suddenly, he shifted himself slightly.  It's hard for me to explain since I was drowning in sensation, but he seemed to be sort of sitting up on his knees which pushed his cock upward toward my navel.  ...And that's when the damn broke.  The next time I came, a gush of fluid rushed out of me before I could even process what was going on.  It was probably the 10th time I came.  But I was able to get where he wanted me to be.  It just took a lot of ramming and a lot of patience.  I supposed we can credit Master with his mysterious perma-erection that didn't want to quit either.

Why does suffering always turn them on so much...?  Because ten orgasms is suffering.  Mmhm. ;)

And that's how I (we) learned to have g-spot orgasms on my back.



  1. ...sigh. So many O's. Makes me wish I was young again.

  2. I'm trying to take advantage of them while they come easily. Although, my mother said she never noticed much of a difference as she got older, so maybe I'll get lucky too?

    Until then, I'm just going to enjoy it as much as possible. ;)

  3. *imagining asking my mother how she's doing in the orgasm department these days...* eeek! lol

  4. LOL! Well, I didn't really *ask* her, per se. She was on the phone with a friend a few years ago when I still lived at home and I heard her say "Huh.. No, I've never really had that problem". Later, I asked her what they were chatting about. She answered me honestly. :P

    And that's the story of how I came to know too much. lol