Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Q&A

Hello to all of you.

I have neglected to mention that this month is some variety of "question and answer" celebration in blog-land.  Comment with any questions or you can email me with them.  My email lives to your left in that text blurb under my avatar.  Alternatively, you can send me questions on Fetlife if you have me added there.  In fact, I owe a particular reader an answer to a question that was asked of me last month. xD So perhaps I'll start there.

I'll do my best to be candid and answer questions honestly, but if I feel something would identify me or Master too easily, I may have to ignore it.  Naturally, Master has veto power on which questions I can answer so if I skip you for some reason, you can always blame him. :)

Ask away.


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