Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kinkfest in Review

First, a quick note.  Some of you may have noticed that to your left, under the About Me section, there is now something called a "Plurk Feed".  This is a little widget I've added to provide "status updates" to my blog when I'm out puttering around or don't have time to post.  I'm just trying it out for now so we'll see how it goes.  Feel free to try it out yourselves, the interface is actually rather neat.  Not to mention I wouldn't mind having some kinky plurk friends. xD  I'm working on making the widget actually fit in the side panel, so I guess just be patient with me while I experiment.

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Anyway, about KF.  Master and I had day passes fro Saturday only.  We went to three workshops: Humiliation & Erotic Embarrassment (somewhat self-explanatory), something weird called Manipulation of the Bound, and a fun little thing at the end called "Speed Bondage" where we learned a few new rope ties that were relatively simple, but fun.  Master and I don't seem to have the patience for rope bondage to be frank, so the Speed Bondage class was great.  We had actually intended to go to something about Edgeplay, but the damn thing was in a tiny room and was totally full by the time we got there (and we were 15 minutes early).  But, I don't regret going to the speed bondage class at all.

Manipulation of the bound was very interesting, but difficult for me to understand.  Unfortunately, it was only part 1 of a 2 part workshop (the second half was on Sunday).  It had to do with using qi (commonly spelled "chi") and hard/yang energy manipulation to induce therapeutic pain.  It would be amazing if Master could take lessons from this fellow. xD  We talked with the "demo-bottom" after the course and she seemed to have very much enjoyed the session.  I would love to learn more about it.  Master has always been a "hard martial arts" nerd, but I've been studying Tai Qi for several years now and it seems like many of the Tai Qi principles are applied in this mysterious type of bondage.  Again, I'd love to know more.

The vendor mall was both interesting and expensive.  We didn't buy much.  We considered a few collars (we're still shopping for something more permanent), but didn't find much to our liking.  Still, I enjoyed walking around and seeing the types of products that people produced.  It's not a skill I possess (I'm awful with my hands, really) so it's something I can appreciate.

Now, one thing you have to understand about Master and I is that we're recluses.  We've never been to a play party.  I've never been played with in front of other people.  Frankly, the idea scares the shit out of me.  It makes an erotic fantasy, but I don't think I could stomach it in real life.  Still, I was proud that we went into the dungeon for a little while.  It wasn't crowded and Master didn't even ask me to take off any of my clothes, but I did get a good paddling and a bit of whipping on my bare back.  Actually, I quite liked the bit of equipment I was bent over.  It was REALLY nice having something solid to rest against rather than having to hold myself up and take it.  A passerby or two did watch for a bit and I didn't mind terribly, although I did find it somewhat distracting.

The other odd thing (and this would probably not be add to some of you at all) was seeing Master's shadow.  Normally when he's dishing out a beating, I can't see him at all.  I don't see his hand or the implement (if he's using one).  I don't see the wind-up.  Nothing.  But I could see all of that due to the lighting and the shadows that were cast.  It made it much scarier because then I knew when the big blows were coming.

I did find the situation erotic and I wished there was somewhere private to go and fuck afterwards, but we managed to make it home without dying. :P  The play we did in the public dungeon was very light and (all things considered) still fairly private/isolated.  Still, I think Master was proud of me for giving it a go and I think I was proud of myself, too.  Neither of us has a real interest in getting out and doing public play again, so I honestly don't think I'll be doing much of that again.  Maybe next year if we decide to go again, but who know.  All in all, it was a good experience to have, but I think we both prefer our privacy.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet up with xantu.  But I know she was there at the same time I was... lol

Anyway, it was good.  I'm not sure I'd recommend it unless you have money to burn, though.  It was pricey for what it offered (to be frank).


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