Thursday, September 16, 2010

There is a car on fire.. No, seriously you guys.

I'm sitting in the apartment of two good friends of mine.  I'm distracted and exhausted from last night.

..Actually, I've been sitting here for a few minutes trying to think of how to explain last night without TOTALLY giving away my identity to the interwebz.  Essentially, where I live, a car caught fire about 10 feet away from our building.  Randomly.  For no apparent reason.  Master and I go to bed fairly early compared to some.  We're up early, so we sleep early.  We had just finished a lovely section.  I'd received a very nice beating (not too hard, not too soft... JUST enough to send me off to that warm, floaty place after it was over).  Naturally, despite my floaty merriment, Master wanted to fuck me.  He got his way.  He usually does (meanie :P).  He wanted me on my back.  I told him I didn't want to, my ass hurt to much to lay on it... I ended up rolling over and obliging anyway... of course.  The pain stopped bothering me and even though I was tired, the fucking felt REALLY good.  When he came, I think we both wanted to keep going (and for about 30 seconds, he didn't pull out and continued fucking me slowly), but due to various circumstances, we decided against it.. I was tired.  I was pleased.  I felt warm and tingly and happy.  I was exhausted, even after only one orgasm.  I cuddled up to him and prepared to fall asleep for the night, wrapped in my Master-provided bliss and comfort.

Not 10 minutes later, I get a text.

"The building's on fire."

Immediate adrenaline rush.  The merry, warm, floating sensations are gone.  I sat up in bed.  "Literally?" was my reply.  It was sent by a close pal, who happens to live near by.

"A car spontaneously combusted right outside..."

Dude.  Wut.  So, in order to ensure it was not in fact MY car that was on fire (or Master's), we both had to throw on clothes, putter outside in the rain, and observe the flaming car.  Let me tell you, that car was EXCEEDINGLY on fire.  More on fire than most things I've seen that are flaming.  It was pretty bad.  I'm VERY thankful that it didn't spread to any of the buildings.  I'm also very thankful it was either of our cars.  I felt so badly for the kid who owned the car, though...  I would simply be sick to my stomach had it been one of us.  I hope he's doing okay today.

In any event, I was pumped on adrenaline for the rest of the night and didn't get to bed until 1 or 2 in the morning.  Up at 6 to get Master to work.  He was late today, by the way... a product of freakishly bad traffic that popped up after he'd dropped me off at school *sigh*.  I felt very bad about that too.  So, THAT was my night last night and THAT is why I'm so fucking tired today.  I have to attend a seminar in the early evening (about an hour from now) and then that's it for the day.  Well.. that's it until Master comes home. :P  I have no idea what he'll want me to do tonight.

That's part of the fun though, I suppose.  You just never KNOW what they'll want from you... even when you're wiped out and in no mood so suck anyone's cock, get hit with anything, or deal with the repeated ramming of your cervix.

Funny how I always end up with either his dick in my mouth, getting whacked with something or other, being VIOLENTLY fucked in the deepest parts of my nether regions, or all of the above, AND... I still get wet anyway.  My body betrays me and he - unfortunately - knows this very well.  Damn. :P


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