Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I haven't got much to say.  I've been sick.  I went to the doctor this morning because I thought I had a UTI, but I appear to have driven it away by drowning myself in water.  That's the big secret - if you think you're starting to get one, start in with the water, the cranberry juice, and cranberry extract supplements.  I think I'm safe for now.  Though I did learn that PURE, unadulterated cranberry juice tastes like a nightmare.  If wine is the blood Christ, then this shit must have come straight from Satan's veins.  I am NOT a fan.  You have been warned. lol

Master and I have both been tired and blah for a few days now.  It's hot and humid and gross outside, which always leaves me feeling less than motivated to do anything.  I'm fighting with food again (aren't we all?), which I don't like.  Somedays I just want to sit down and eat a pizza.  *sigh* Boy, what I would give for a day of calorie-free bingeing!  lol

This isn't a particularly kink-tastic post.  Apologies.  I just wanted to write for a little while, it relaxes me when I feel like there is simply too much to do.  I am exhausted and it is only Tuesday.  This disheartens me slightly.  At least the bulk of my week will be over tomorrow.  For me, M-T-W are the three rough days, then I get Thursday and Friday to relax a little more.  Still, there is a lot going on this week.  And next week.  And the week after that.  And... fuuu-. T_T

One day at a time, right kids?

I want to serve Master, but he's been letting me off easy because I haven't been feeling well.  Although I miss the service, I'm always grateful that he allows me the recovery time.  He even went out and bought me breakfast yesterday morning because he is secretly a giant sweetheart and he loves me.  Our anniversary is coming up (mid-October).  I'm trying to think of what to get him... What do you give to a man who has owned you for 6 years that you haven't given him already?  Suggestions are welcome.



  1. I'm sorry you're blah.

    This might liven things up...r.e.:gifts...have you ever given him a spanking? One for each year, and one to grow on? Then run like hell!

  2. Shouldn't have said that...didn't mean to be a trouble maker >_< . Just wanted to make you laugh.

  3. Oh don't feel bad, you did make me laugh! :D I'm sure my Master will be amused as well. He'd only be upset if I actually tried it. And believe me... I have tried. I didn't end well! lol

    But I do appreciate you trying to make me smile. Thanks for that. Hope you are doing okay in all that California heat over there!

  4. Oh my. My roommate brought home unsweetened cranberry juice and made me drink some.

    Sweet Mary mother of fuck. That shit is putrid. I'd rather slowly sip room-temperature, plastic-bottle vodka.

    Also, hi. I'm Chloe. :)

  5. Hi there, Chloe! :) Thanks for the comment. I'm glad someone else understands the pain that comes along with cranberry juice. lol I rather quickly switched to the pills... the juice was too much for my pitiful stomach to handle, frankly. :P