Friday, September 23, 2011

What do you get...?

What do you get the man to whom you've already given everything?

I'm struggling with this question.  You see, our 7 year anniversary is less than a month away.  He'll have work "day of", but the day before is free for both of us as of now...  I'm pondering what to get him, what to do for that day.. he may have ideas of his own, but I'd like to offer up something in case he doesn't.  Our budget is quite limited, which makes things a little harder - but you really don't need money to give a good gift or to have a good day.

Any suggestions? xD  Not that I'll steal your ideas out-right (he'd know if I did, wouldn't he?), but I'll take a bit of inspiration if you've got it. Hehe...



  1. Well...when you two first got together, was there any place that had a special moment for you? What I mean is, was there a restaurant or a park or that was really special to you two when everything was still new and shiny? If something is coming to mind, I'd suggest planning the day around that. Talk about the memories that made it so important. If it's somewhere outdoors where you can spend the day, may I suggest bringing a lunch along with you? While it may not seem like a traditional gift idea, it's a gift to both of you. To remember where you started in a place full of good memories and making (hopefully) even better memories that day knowing just how far you've come together.

    Yes I'm a die hard romantic, lol.

    If you're looking for something more tangible, is there something he'll see in a store that he really likes but then doesn't get because he thinks he doesn't really need it? I pay attention to my hubby all the time in stores because that's how I pick out presents for him. Something he wants, but would never get for himself.

    I hope this helps or gives you an idea for a gift! I actually hate giving gifts because I never feel like I know what to get anyone. But people seem to like what I get them, so I figured I'd offer my two cents worth. :)

    Hope you both have a wonderful and happy anniversary!!! <3


  2. We've actually struggled with this for a bit now. For our 7th anniversary, my husband had a necklace made for me with purple beads interspersed with copper ones; it was fantastic. That was 2 years ago. This year, there was something he wanted but it wasn't terribly romantic and we didn't NEED it - a new shower head. I got it for him. He was over the moon. He was a bit upset as he hadn't gotten me anything - but I told him just living with him is gift enough (it IS).

    Or... there's always kinky stuff. A flogger with a copper-colored handle?

  3. Yes, I was trying to say what kitten said and took twice as long to say it and didn't say it as well. Ah well.