Friday, September 16, 2011

100th Post

I've been posting for just under 2 years now (1 year, 11 months).  This post marks my 100th.  I think most people usually reach this milestone much sooner than I did, but I'm okay with that.  My own pace works just fine for me, after all. :)

I wanted to thank those who left me such supportive comments after my last post.  I needed it.  I really, really appreciate you all reaching out. <3 So thank you for that.

And thank you, too, to those of you who have decided to read me.  Walk with me.  Run with me.  Frequently Occasionally fall down with me...  In particular, I wanted to thank our resident Naughty Monkey, who I believe was the first person to ever comment on any of my posts.  And she is still here too! xD That takes a strong stomach man, so thank you.  Also, kaya because she has been a large inspiration for my blogging.  And to all of you.  I have several regular drop-ins (KlilmouseGiggling Bunny, etc. {I do hope I'm not forgetting anyone}) who I deeply appreciate.  But I am sure there are many more of you whose names I do not know, even if you do read here.  And I am grateful to you too.

Of course, there is Master to thank.  He's my gravity, like my own personal sun keeping me in orbit.  I love you.  And thank you for coming with me on this journey... thank you for creating this journey for me, for us. ...I think I am making it sound like it's ending. xD Naturally, it's not.  But I wanted to say thank you for what's happened so far.  This blog is just under 2 years old.  And "we" are just under 7 now.  I wonder what we'll be like in 7 more years.  I can't wait to know... but of course, I'm in no rush to get there. ;)

I can only wonder what the next 100 posts will hold for us.

Thank you for walking with me.



  1. Congratulations on post number 100!!

    Big hugs,

  2. Congratulations on 100!
    I look forward to reading the next 100.