Friday, January 27, 2012


Shameless promotion time. xD This is not at all a paid endorsement and I'm not being compensated for this in anyway.  I bought that Striiv pedometer I mentioned in my last post.  I just wanted to say I LOVE this thing.  It's amazing how easily it gets me to push just a little harder and go a bit father during the day - whether I'm just walking around my apartment or if I'm at the gym.  Love, love, love.  If you need help getting motivated to move, get one.  Seriously.  I can't recommend it enough.  I'd been lusting after it for weeks and it has not disappointed.  In fact, I'll probably be heading to the gym once I wrap up this post.

I keep getting pseudo-ideas for posts and then abandoning them.  My brain has been happily humming along at a decent pace, but I'm struggling with sitting down and actually writing for some reason.  That's okay though.  The world will keep on turning. :)  I'm sure you will all survive without my poorly compiled posts.  The two ideas I have floating around are as follows - I'm putting them down here so that I don't forget them entirely.

-Death Note analogy
-"Abuse" misunderstandings (here)
-On the subject of CNC and rape

There.  Now I can't say that I "forgot" them.  Master and I have been doing well overall, except for one thing - the car I mentioned a few posts back..?  It's dead.  It needs repairs we can't afford and it has stopped running.  I feel both depressed and a little overwhelmed about it.  Overwhelmed because holy shit, public transportation is a pain in the ass when you live 20 miles from your job and dear God, how will we ever afford another one (we will NOT take out a loan for a car).  Depressed because.. well, like I said, I was secretly fond of that pile of shit.  It went and quit on me.  Now what?

Other than that, though - it's good.  I lost 4 pounds this week, which I'm very happy about.  I'm down about 14 since December 16th, which is good.  I probably put on 30 while I was sick (I don't know why I gain so much when I'm sick, I just do.  It happens every time).  So I'm well on my way to recovering myself, which is nice.  I plan to try my best to continue exercising more because it seems to help a lot with some heart issues I have and frankly..?  It just makes me feel good.  So as long as there is time for the gym AND the work I have to do, we'll keep it up I guess.  Master has been with my a few times, which is nice too. ^^

Things could be called "mediocre", if only because of the car.  But honestly, compared to some of the shit people are going through?  I'll take it.  I'm glad we're both happy, healthy, and sane.  I still owe you guys pics of my new collars. :P I'll get on it man, I swear.

One of my oldest/closest friends is planning a wedding for only a few months from now.  She's desperate for me to come, but I don't know if I'll be able to with all the deadlines and events I cannot miss in the next few months.  By "cannot miss", I mean that if I don't attend, I will not graduate.  It's tough.  I want to go, but I guess we'll see.  She was supposed to get married a couple of years ago (same guy, btw) but life kind of got in the way and the plans were delayed.  Not to say that I disbelieve their plans xD but you know, sometimes shit comes up.  I just hope I can attend in the end.  Bah.

Sorry for the totally droll, not even remotely kink related update.


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