Sunday, January 1, 2012

BELATED Review! Moonshine for the New Year

Well, here is is after much, much delay which I am very sorry for.  Especially to EdenFantasys - a well known place where one can buy all types of sex toys - who has been very kind to me and patient while I was dealing with a pile of personal/family problems as well as an illness.  Thank you very much for that, EF (special thanks to Kayla).

Now for the fun stuff.  And yes - anal plugs are fun!  I selected the Moon Shine, which is both fun to play with and lovely to look at.  I don't normally use photos from EF's website, but the ones I took did not look very good for whatever reason.  So here are the website photos of the toy for your reference.  And yes, the colors really are this rich and pretty!

Glass toys will never stop being lovely!  The first thing I want to say is that I actually would not recommend this plug to beginners.  Perhaps an adventurous, enthusiastic one.  Even so, I don't think this should be a toy for a "first anal experience".  It is quite girthy at it's widest point, which feels great when it's in but could be difficult to insert for the inexperienced user.  EF lists its diameter as 1 5/8 inches and circumference as 5 inches.  I am not totally new to anal toys, but I am not a frequent.. practitioner (lol) and I did have difficulty with inserting this.   That said, onward!

The base of the toy is wider than the widest spot on the plug itself, so you shouldn't have to worry about anything getting "lost".  This is an important fact to consider when purchasing anal plugs as, unlike vaginal toys, anal toys can get lost inside you and that makes for a very uncomfortable (and expensive!) trip to the ER.  But with the Moon Shine, you've got no worries there!

Glass also makes for excellent anal toys because it is easy to clean and sanitize (pop in the dishwasher for ultimate ease) and it will NOT retain any odors.  Additionally, you can play with the temperature of the toy by running it under hot water or cold water.  The Moon Shine retains temperature pretty well, although please be careful not to get it so hot that your burn your sensitive bits.  Same goes for cold - too cold can be quite unpleasant if you aren't mindful.

Overall, this toy was great for use during sex and for wearing around the house.  The shaft part is a bit thick, so it was a little tough for me to wear for too long.  Still, the glass gives it a nice weighty feel and it is large enough to provide nice sensations without being too overbearing.  I would recommend this toy to anyone who likes anal plugs or glass toys in general.  Again - my only reservation about this product is that it is perhaps too large for a beginner.  Semi-experienced users have nothing to lose, though!  Happy plugging... ;)



  1. Hi zelda :) Good to reconnect with ya on here. Nice review, "but" the butt plug still totalllyyy freaks me out ;-o

    Wishing you a wonderful new year,


  2. K! I'm so glad to see you again!

    And between you and me - Master was the one who decided this toy would be an anal one. They intimidate me too xD. But you learn to cope... lol ;)