Monday, July 25, 2011

A Tip of the Hat

Believe me, I'm not really one for advertising and endorsements, but I do like to give credit where it's due.  You all hear me talk about EdenFantasys a lot because of the products that I review for them.  But this time I'm just acknowledges a lovely award that EdenFantasys received from AVN - the 2011 Outstanding Online Retailer award (you can read more about the award itself as well as the other categories/winners here)!

Honestly, I'm not at all surprised.  My experiences with EF have been nothing but positive.  In addition to their top-notch customer service and wide variety of original adult novelties, there are also a few other aspects of EdenFantasys that I don't talk about much.  For example, EF has some very wonderful, active, informative forums.  I'm mostly a lurker there myself (much like on Fet, if you know me there), but it's a lovely sex-positive community rife with awesome info and people.

Also, the experience of shopping with their website is quite nice.  All the products that I've looked at have video reviews as well as textual ones.  There is also this AMAZING tool: the 1:1 size comparison.  Click it, use the little slider tool to make the image bigger/small so that the size of a common object on your screen matches the size of the object in real life (they use images of credit cards and dollar bills for this matching), and poof: you have a life-sized image of the toy in addition to the provided measurements.  This has come in great handy for me personally.  Additionally, if you make an account on EF, you collect "points" as you browse the site viewing and searching for products, etc.  These points are redeemable for gift card points.  How awesome is that?

There are a lot of programs I don't know a whole ton about that sound awesome.  For example, there is a mentoring program as well as a program where some users can "teach" or "take" classes online.  There is a page here that talks about more programs in detail.

At any rate, I love this company.  Their prices are reasonable, products are great, customer service is second to none, and you're bound to bump into some neat people if you get involved in the community.  I wouldn't take the time to slap this up on my blog if I didn't believe this was a great company worth giving a nod to.  So, congratulations to EdenFantasys on your "O" Award!  It is well deserved.  I hope some of you (if you haven't already) will consider looking into this place!


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