Monday, July 18, 2011


Welcome to another review of a lovely EdenFantasys product (in case you were unaware, EdenFantasys sells sex toys and other adult novelties/products).  The product I'm going to be babbling about today is one of several glass dildos that EdenFantasys has to offer.  It is quite beautiful.  I don't think my pictures here will do it justice.  It is hard, smooth, curvy, and called the Amethyst.  It is also blue.  Now, the product DOES come in purple, however the purple appears to be out of stock as I write this.  I'm sure it will be back soon.  I was quite pleased to receive a blue one in the mail (which I was not expecting) as the color is very rich and quite pleasing to the eye.

I must say that I love the appearance of this dildo.  I have seen glass dildos with parts or sections colored, but I've actually never seen one colored the way this item is.  I very much like it.  As a side note, the Amethyst comes with the same little velvet bag that is pictured in my previous review.  Good for storing in a sock drawer or chest, but NOT enough padding to keep the toy protected if dropped.  Treat your glass toys with care!  A break, chip, or a crack will make your toy unusable (trust me, you do not want anal/vaginal cuts or - God forbid - bits of glass stuck in your sensitive bits.  For this reason, NEVER use a glass toy that has been damaged!)

Speaking of damage - this review is coming a bit later than usual because it was delayed by a sort of postal snafu.  When the Amethyst first arrived at my door, the box was quite beat up.  Thank you, post office.  Upon opening the box, I discovered that my new, shiny toy had a few minor scratches on it.  Again, I blame the post office.  Honestly, I probably could have used it and been okay but I followed my own advice (for once) and emailed my EdenFantasys rep about the problem instead.  I was promptly emailed a return shipping label.  I wrapped up the toy again, put it box in the box it was sent to me in, took off the old label, brought the new one + the box to a UPS store, and off the toy went.  A new one was sent out as soon as the damaged item was received.  I was very pleased with the process - simple, convenient, and without a giant fuss.  Thus, I can say I am very pleased with EdenFantasys' customer service.

Anyway - onto the GOOD part.  I got the replacement shortly after sending in the previous item and finally got to try it out.  Here it is!

Without flash on (as a note, the pictures I took made the Amethyst look a bit darker than it usually looks in natural light.  Since it is glass, I imagine there will be slight color/shape variations between products anyway.  Still, this product DOES have a nice, rich color and is very pretty!):

With flash on!  Isn't is pretty all lit up in the flash light?

This is why I chose the banner I did for this review.  This is a g-spot toy.  An AMAZING g-spot toy.  If you haven't found it, I swear, it exists and it is worth looking for.  Now, the curve may seem intimidating to some inexperienced g-spot players, but you'll want to work with it at you own pace.  For me, the toy was perfectly sized and easily found my g-spot.  For those who may have g-spot a bit farther back, there is a certain amount of flexibility with this toy (meaning, you can use more or less of it internally depending on how near you g-spot is) so I think it should still work just fine.

Now, I'm not sure if you're really SUPPOSED to do this (hehe), but I trying the straight but bumpy end as well.  I liked it!  I don't think it's something that everyone is going to rave about, but it is another option.  Another reason why this toy has earned some points - I think the two differently shaped/sized ends give it some variety.  The bumps on the other end still stimulated my g-spot, just not as DIRECTLY (or intensely) as the curved end did.  Still, you've got to love multi-functionality. ;)

Like all glass toys, temperature play can be involved.  AND the Amethyst is exceptionally easy to clean due to the fact that it's made out of glass.  Now, allow me to remind you that glass toys WILL NOT give.  Be gentle with this one the first 1-2 times, especially the curved bit.  I haven't had it happen, but I'm willing to bet you could bruise yourself with this if you aren't careful.  Not that you can't play rough, just make sure not to try going from 0 to 60 mph first thing, ne?

All in all, I really can't find anything to complain about with this toy.  It is probably my FAVORITE toy that I've reviewed from EdenFantasys (and honestly, I think it's the best g-spot item in my collection of other things too).  So if you're experienced with the g-spot realm or you want to give it a try, I say go for it.  This toy is awesome awesome awesome.  It'll also last you a loooooong time if it is taken care of properly.  I highly recommend this product!


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