Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stepping It Up... With a Sadist

Master says he wants to "step it up".  I am as unsure about what that means as you are, and I find myself both anxious and excited.  It will surely demand more from me.  But, we must remember, in general giving more means getting more back... right?  Well, maybe not always.  However, in a reciprocal relationship (perhaps even symbiotic in a way), I find that tends to be the case.

I haven't mentioned it here on my blog, but I am traveling at the moment.  I'll return to Master on Saturday. What's waiting for me there...?  I hope this isn't one of those situations where I'm getting all excited and twittery about nothing.  You know, when you anticipate a change, and you get all geared up and motivated for it and then- ...you realize things aren't all that different from before and suddenly you feel silly for prepping so much.  But there's at least one thing he's mentioned specifically...

Last night, as we were chatting for a bit, he mentioned wanting to start using both of my holes simultaneously.  Either a butt plug + him, or some vaginal toy + him.  Apparently getting ramped up about dominating someone puts a man in the mood for stuffing a woman full. :P I wouldn't know.  We used to have anal sex quite a bit, but in the past.... mmm, 3-4 years?  Not so much.  I think I've had a toy in my ass a total of once during all that time and it was quite slender - not at all useful for preparing oneself for an erect cock.

So after bantering a bit about starting to collect more "anal accessories" (lol), the popular njoy plugs came up.  I've heard the stories.  I've heard "things" from friends... they sound amazing and concerning at the same time.  And to top it off, what SIZE?  I am not "inexperienced" with anal, but I am certainly out of practice... I think Master is leaning toward the medium, but I have no idea.  Input is welcome.  I don't believe this is going to be for 24/7 wear (although it may be left in for hours at a time while out and about), and he doesn't seem to be interested tossing me head first into the deep end (at least not at the moment).  I'd love to hear any anecdotes you may have.

At any rate, I'm interested to see what's coming with his plans.  I know he wants to feed his inner beast and "play" (I dislike that word, it really isn't a game) more.  I know he is going to be more demanding sexually.  I can handle those things.. I think. <_<  But what about being more demanding emotionally and mentally?  How many of the little freedoms he allows me will remain?  How hard and fast might these changes come?  Curiouser and curiouser...

I am excited to be heading home in a few days. ;)



  1. Nice ;) Safe travels home~~

  2. Hope things go well! Keep us posted =) Your thoughts are definitely what I would be thinking as well and that anxiousness and wonder would be running through me up until the moment I was there.

  3. Nervously anxiously excited maybe?

  4. I've only just started reading and I'm excited for you :)

  5. We have found that the small njoy is just too small (although it feels great slipping in past the muscle and the handle is so convenient to move it around). So we bought the large one. Neither of us has been able to take it completely yet. I would suggest you purchase the medium size.