Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Scene Fantasy...

So Master wanted me to get out some ideas for a scene for this weekend (I wish for sooner, but I know Master has lots of work and that makes Him tired, poor thing). We haven't been able to scene for a long time (I had some surgery/health problems earlier in the year that put things on hold) so it is nice to think about finally getting back into things.

I don't think I'll go into a full-on description of every little detail, start to finish. Just some ideas so that Master can see what I'm thinking/fantasizing about at the moment (or at least just today... my perversion knows no bounds). Well.. here we go.

I'm really into humiliation. I'm going to quote something I found on (a great resource):

"Being told to open various orifices of your body for inspection by the dominant can be delicious for some submissives. Being told to masturbate for the dominant's pleasure is another form of humiliation that some slaves/subs find very erotic... And one of my favorite areas of humiliation play is "denial"... denial of my own pleasure until I am given permission to experience it. Another thing I find quite humiliating and very "wicked" is watching a dominant handle his own (ahem) personal "equipment" and denying the submissive access to it as he does so... sort of enforced voyeurism, if you will.

Many submissives also enjoy being called various so-called "four-or-more letter" pet names at appropriate moments during the session... it seems to make the sensation of submission more intense somehow, for lack of a better way to put it. Being ordered to perform tasks that the dominant enjoys is also considered humiliation play, such as lapping liquid from a bowl, crawling on the floor and, perhaps, retrieving a crop and bringing it back to the dominant in one's mouth... Another form of humiliation play is being commanded to count the spanks or blows of a whip, cat, flogger, paddle, etc, (and asking for more!). And depending on one's desire and style, there are many other things that fit this category.

Some other kinds of humiliation involve "confessions" in a role-playing type session... either real or fantasy confessions, giving the dominant lurid details."

I would absolutely love to do any (or all) of those things with my Master. I love when He degrades me for His own pleasure or for pure amusement. It's really, really hot. (On a side note that might fit in with humiliation - being made to lick, etc His boots?)

I also love nipple torture. Master knows that makes me all wet.. I like having my breasts whipped as well (and whipped hard). The same goes for genitals, I love having my pussy whipped or slapped. Master could probably make me cum just by slapping my pussy for a while, but I don't believe He has tried this.

I love being tied up or otherwise restrained. I enjoy when Master ties me up and leaves vibrators/dildos/buttplugs/eggs etc inside of me. I also go crazy for being made to service Him while He teases me (or while He has put something inside of me to do the teasing for Him). I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this to Him as well, but being forced to give Him a blowjob and tease myself is also one of my favorite fantasies (along with being mouth-fucked in general).

God, there is so much more but I'll try to cut it off here. I'm making an attempt to talk only about things we have the materials for (i.e., belt beatings. mmmm). For in the future, these are things I have an interest in but that we simply don't have the materials for right now:
-violet wand
-chain restraints
-being left attached to a fucking machine for a while
-o-ring gags
(more to come later...)


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