Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Review: Wonder & Vibrations

Some weeks ago, I was contacted by a representative from EdenFantasys, a delightful company that sells sex toys and other adult products.  I was given the amazing opportunity to review products in exchange for - you guessed it - sampling said products for free.  And so, I present to you an honest review of a rather interesting vibrator.  Why?  Because sex toys are damn good fun.  Personally, I hate spending money on something that turns out to be disappointing or not quite what I expected to be.  Returning a used toy generally isn't an option.  So, when possible, I will post about my experiences with these items (either than I receive for free or items I've bought myself) if they are worth remark.  Hopefully someone will find this useful. :)

The product I was sent for review is a somewhat unique g-spot vibrator called the Wonder.  The item arrived quickly and in discreet packaging.  I'm not sure I've actually had any trouble with not-so-discreet packaging from any company, but I think it's important to note.  Some people just don't want to go through the awkward experience of picking up a package from the post office that obviously contains some kind of adult novelty (imagine that).  More impressive was the speed of processing/shipping, which took a total of 5 days total (3 business days).  Inside the package was not only the Wonder itself, but a complimentary magazine:

It included several interesting articles and information about other products available from  I thought it was a nice little bonus!  But, the good part is still to come.  The Wonder comes in a metal case, which is well made and will certainly come in handy for future storage.  That was a big plus for me personally.  Here are some photos of the case (and the product inside the case):

As you can see, this toy is made by Evolved Novelties.  Now, for a look outside of the box.  Mine is purple, but it also comes in pink:

As you can see in the shot where my hand is visible, this toy is not ultra girthy.  In fact, it as part of a collection of Evolved toys called "slenders".  Additionally, this toy is VERY flexible.  It will bend if you want it to.  Because of this, I think it would make a great introduction to g-spot toys for an inexperienced user.  The more angled toys made with more solid materials can seem intimidating to a newbie.  The slender fit (it's about 1.25 in. in diameter) also makes it seem less frightening to a new user.  I am fairly experienced with sex toys myself, and I did enjoy the slender fit on this one because it made it easier to work with and it didn't require a whole ton of lubricant.  If you curious about the size, check out the Wonder's product page (linked above) -  EdenFantasys has an awesome tool that allows you to check the actual size of their products.

The material it is made out of is TPR, which is hypo-allergenic, latex free, and phthalate free.  This is a good material that will last when taken care of and is safe for the body.  It requires two (2) AAA batteries.  It has 3 speeds which are easy to control - you just tap the button on the external end of the toy.  I found that design to be easy to use while... well, using the Wonder. ;)  Additionally, it is WATERPROOF.  This provides two main benefits: 1 - use it in the shower, in the tub, in the pool... you get it. 2 - it makes it very easy to clean after use.  I am a fan of water proof toys.

This vibrator is pretty strong without being excessively loud.  I did find that the highest speed was markedly louder than the first two, but I still don't think anyone outside of your bedroom would hear it as long as the door is closed.  I enjoyed using this toy a lot.  It is well-made with a strong motor in the right place (in the tip or the toy, not the base) and it's easy to use/change settings.  Also, it makes a good clit stimulator due to the slight curve at the tip.  Hooray for multi-functionality!

The one downside to this toy is that because it is so flexible, the curve at the tip of the Wonder may not provide enough stimulation of the g-spot for some women.  The toy's material is fairly cushiony and it may bend with your internal contours rather than against them, which is not really what you want with g-spot stimulation.  However, I do think it would be a good introductory product or, alternatively, great for teasing the g-spot area.  Personally I love teasing.  Master loves doing the teasing.  :P So I think we will continue to get use out of this toy.

Overall, it's a good, solid product and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to start exploring g-spot play or anyone who just wants a nice, strong vibrator that isn't overly cumbersome.  Wonder gets the job done!


And no - I am not being paid for these reviews!

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